Rapid Development of New Media Enterprises
We are a battle-tested team of entrepreneurs that help develop technology, define business models and raise private equity and venture capital. 

The fnSys team combines technical and business expertise with real world startup experience.  We think we can help you achieve better results, faster.

In building a business or consulting in a business we focus on the three primary areas critical for success in all companies:
Product Management
    Product Development
    Business Development
Who We Help
We start, build and grow companies by applying proven formulas for product management, product development and business development.  A variety of companies can benefit from our expertise including:
Founder Teams
    Early Stage Companies
    Late Stage Companies
    Venture Capital Firms
We are experienced in a variety of areas:
Interactive TV
    Telecom and Mobile
    Database Systems
    Advanced Advertising
    Scaleable Production Systems
    Venture Capital and Private Equity
Boulder Office
(303) 827-1919
Boston Office
(617) 930-6869